Looshes Labs LLC is about helping people be awesome.


     Alexei Novitzky, founder of Looshes Labs LLC has been inventing and creating his entire life. His inventions and ideas come to him in dreams and from these dreams he creates his art. With so much faith and positivity, dreams tend to become sure reality around him. For example, at the age of five, after awaking from a dream, he rode a bicycle for the first time completely unsupervised. 

     Following his dreams has lead Alexei to invent a skateboard that allows you to store your personal items. This simple idea has received international attention in less than 5 years from when it was first developed by him and his brother, Peter, in their parents garage.

     Alexei went forward to host


He has bachelor degrees in Astronomy/Planetary Sciences and Astrophysics/Physics from CU accompanied with a masters in mechanical engineering from USF.