Looshes Labs offers a variety of engineering and design services from initial consultations to full production.

CAD Modeling:  We use Rhino 3D modeling software to create perfect models of your designs. We offer, .3dm, .dwg, .stl, .stp, .igs and several other file formats. 

Realistic Renders and Animations: We use Keyshot to create very realistic renders and animations. These are great for pitch events, business plans, proposals, and other marketing purposes. 

3D Printing: We offer 3D printing services from small to large scales. 

Manufacturing: We use Rhino software to create the appropriate files for manufacturers to use during the final manufacturing process. These are typically in .dwg or .stl format. We have experience in plastic injection design, sheet metal design, marine engineering applications, and medical applications.  

Product Design: Let us help design your product from scratch. If you have a simple concept we can use our skills to make it a reality.

Give us a call at 813-340-3835 or send an email to Looshes@LooshesLabs.com to get started.


Cubic Yachts: Our company has been working hard on helping bring the Cubic Yachts to market. These are revolutionary 100% stainless steel houseboats that self-jack on 4 giant caissons. The Cubic Yacht in these renders is currently under construction and is scheduled for the water by November of 2016. You can learn more about the Cubic Yacht at http://www.bulkresources.biz/CubicYachts.html

Plastic Injected Skatecase: Our company was founded off of the Skatecase, the only skateboard in the world with built in storage. The model seen in the renders will soon be released. Click the link to see a speech given by our founder, Alexei Novitzky, at the Smithsonian's Ripley Center, on taking the Skatecase from Concept to Market. http://loosheslabs.com/events/ 

Green-Koncept Medical Marijuana Box: The Green Koncept Medical Marijuana Box has been specifically designed to keep Marijuana extracts cool for up to 24 hours. A combination lock makes this childproof. The inside is equipped with a cooling element. To learn more, visit http://green-koncepts.com. 

Iron Edison: This is a series of battery boxes designed for Iron Edison. Iron Edison, located in Lakewood Colorado, specializes in Nickel-iron batteries, solar power, and renewable energy products. http://ironedison.com/