Innovate with Ollie!

Ollie the Skatecase is our most famous invention, the Skatecase, animated into cartoon form! Watch as he goes on adventures with Looshes while promoting green technology, sustainability, and education! He comes in coloring books, card games, board games, and even 3D printed characters! 

Looshes Labs Innovation Workshops and Birthday Parties! 

Come join us during our innovation workshops where we teach students how to make 3D models, animations, and computer games! These are designed for ages 6+.  Email us at for information on upcoming events. Click here to play "Be Happy" created by Trey.G! 

Our students enjoy Ollie the Skatecase so much that we are now offering Ollie the Skatecase birthday parties. These include an Ollie Cake, Ollie Gift Bags, and entertainment by the Looshes Labs crew. Give us a call or send an email to schedule a one of a kind birthday party! 

 Click on the screen below to play Ollie Explorer Arcade Games!

"Ollie World" Board Game

It's a skateboard that is also a board game! It uses our patented skateboard technology to keep all the game pieces inside the board so it's always game time! Spin the wheel as the dice and make sure to watch out for wormholes and blackholes or they'll have you whirling through time!

"Ollie Man" Playing Cards

Ollie and friends use their groove and steaze to battle. This strategic card game is good for the mind and fun for the entire family!

3D Printed Toys!

3D print characters straight from the cartoon! We have rendered Ollie and all of his friends for 3D printing! Send us an email to get started.


"Ollie the Skatecase" Coloring Book

19 pages of awesome coloring!

"Ollie the Skatecase" Apparel