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Looshes Labs Powerbands are awesome! They come in different colors and each has a different meaning. They also give players super powers in our "Ollie Man" playing card game. Get one or collect them all! 

Lime Green = +100 Groove  (This band adds to your groove as you go throughout your day. In "Ollie Man,' it will give a card of choice +100 Groove.)

Blue (glows in the dark)= Full Revive  (If you're constantly feeling drained get the Full Revive band. Every time you look at it you'll feel refreshed and alert. In "Ollie Man," It will fully revive a downed player.)

Red = x2 Steaze (This band will give you more confidence as you go throughout your day. You will be able to be stylish without even trying. In "Ollie Man," this ring will give any character twice the steaze.)

Pink = Skip 1  (This one is for the ladies. Got someone bugging you? Give them a Skip 1 powerband. In "Ollie Man," this will skip a players turn.)

Orange = Shield  (This ring acts as a shield from negativity. Only attract the energy you desire in life. In "Ollie Man," this will act like a shield against any attack or powerband.)

Black = Goodbye (This is when you just have to say goodbye in style. In "Ollie Man," this band acts as an instant kill.)

White = Namaste (Breath in the white and always stay connected. Namaste buds. In "Ollie Man," this ring will reduce the damage done while being attacked by 50% and give you +50 groove.)

Maroon = Married (This band is perfect for athletic people that are married. It's soft, made of rubber, and comfortable. In "Ollie Man," this will allow you to combine two players into one and they become one card. Simply add the Groove and Steaze together.)

Yellow = Rad (This band is just plain old rad. In "Ollie Man," the player with the most rad rings attacks first.)

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