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Your Influence In Space


"Humans not only evolved on Earth which revolves around the Sun, but we also evolved in an expanding Universe."    -Alexei Novitzky (Looshes)

"Your Influence in Space" walks you through the evolution of the human senses. It discusses the limitations of each sense and the medians in which they are tuned. In combination with our most advanced theories on space-time, this book describes a new theory for gravity, antigravity, and the possibility of looking into the future.

The second half of the book discusses how technological advancements have caused a shift in natural selection. Thus, changing the spirit of humanity to be more of an artificial and controlled growth as opposed to one that is natural by the Universe.

This book is 110 pages.  

Important Implications:

Human vision is centered around the color yellow which is the maximum wavelength of the Sun.

The sense of time is a result of evolving in an expanding Universe.

Electromagnetism is the fastest source of information exchange within the Universe when it comes to human senses. This does not mean that objects cannot move faster than light.

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